19 February 2015

5 ways to show gratitude to children

I'm getting a little sick of my girls, especially Popette, being ungrateful. Lately she has become more and more demanding, thinking she can get what she wants when she wants.

Lets take Tuesday afternoon as an example. It was a hot afternoon when I went to pick her up from school, and Popette chirped "Lets get an ice block".

When I said "No, I don't think I have any money for ice blocks today". She demanded one, then said "That's okay Mum you can get money out at the petrol station and buy us one".

I then went on to tell her that she was very rude to me that morning (we had a major tantrum after I asked her to wash her hands, resulting in a scream-a-thon and her hitting me), so I  reminded her that only good girls who are well behaved will get an ice block.

I don't know when in happened, but all of a sudden she thinks she can wave her hand and whatever she wants will magically appear.

Lately all my Hubby and I seem to hear is "I want, I want, I want". I know its an age thing (she just turned 6), but Hubby & I want her (and Cherub) to become more grateful for the things they own and receive.

Just talking about being grateful to the girls doesn't sink in, especially with Cherub who is still quite young. So I thought I'd create a poster with 5 explanations on how they can become more grateful, which we can hang up on the wall and will act as a reminder.

Here is my "5 ways to show gratitude to children" 

* Help prepare meals - Grateful for the food on our table

* Help put toys away - Grateful for my toys

* Tidy up my art & craft - Grateful I can draw, paint and create when I want

* Help fold clothes & put them away - Grateful for the clothes I wear

* Be nice to your family - Grateful to have a family who loves me!

Popette is only 6 so doesn't quite understand that you don't get everything you want, and not all boys & girls have as much stuff as her or live in a lovely home with a fridge full of food. I'm hoping by getting them involved with some of the tasks around the house, we can slowly instill the meaning of gratitude in their little minds.

As you know I love being creative, so I've created a printable of our poster. If you'd like a copy, you can find it here. :)

Do you practice gratitude at home? How do you get your children to understand gratitude?

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