17 March 2012

Week 11: Weekends

This week I am grateful for weekends.

Source; Pinterest at Lucinda Lentz
When it's Friday afternoon and I've had a long week at home with the kids (this week Cherub and Popette have both been sick with a virus :( ) there's nothing I look forward to more than having Hubby home for the weekend.

We love spending time together as a little family. When the weather's nice, we love going on a picnic and for a play at the park, or catching up with family and friends.

Have a great weekend everybody :)


  1. I really love weekends! Working days are so full on and you just fall into a heap at the end of the day. But the pace of the weekend is so much easier and there is always time for napping! xx

    1. I agree Wendy, while I don't go to work, I do fall into a heap at the end of the day :)

      On weekends, Hubby and I love to stay up late and chat, and not have to worry about work the next day.


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