02 March 2012

Week 9: Chocolate

This week I am grateful for chocolate. That wonderful, creamy, velvety, smooth and irresistible confectionary that melts in your mouth, which satisfies you after having a long day with the kids, which makes a wonderful companion when watching a movie or gives you a little comfort when your feeling a bit upset.

I am not prejudice...I love it in all forms; a big block, biscuits, ice cream, cupcakes, cakes, milkshakes, hot chocolate...yuuummm.....I love it all.

I especially love dark and milk chocolate. White chocolate on the other hand..makes me feel a bit queasy after I have eaten it.

I really have found it calms me once I have eaten a piece or more...a shame it doesn't help you lose weight too!

[Image source: "Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate" by Pinterest user Kristi Pflug]

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  1. Ooh you describe it so well, Julie. I'm CRAVING some right now. My latest fave is Whittakers. It's really 'sharp' flavoured, not too sweet. x


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