21 September 2014

Being grateful: Popette's 1st year of school, School holidays, and time with my Cherub

On Friday Popette finished another term at school and is now on school holidays for the next couple of weeks. I gotta say I am really loving her first year of school. I am grateful that I am able to enjoy the special events that the school holds. Last Tuesday they held a Sports day for K-2 which Cherub & I attended. Popette had a fun day and came 2nd in one of her races, so was rather pleased with herself.

Popette walking with a beanbag on her head

Then on Thursday we went to Popette's school assembly to watch the whole of Kindergarten perform some farm songs. Popette was selected as a "Sheep" and had to wear white clothes. Popette loves colour, so didn't have too much white to choose from so ended up wearing her school top along with some black pants (I guess sheep have black legs!). 

She was so cute with her sheep mask on and wiggling her bum when she sang.

My little sheep - baah
I am looking forward to spending some quality time with both my girls over the holidays so will be a little quiet on the blogging front. 

Next Tuesday we have Cherub's 3rd birthday (I don't know how that happened), and to celebrate it Hubby is taking the day off work and taking us all to the Zoo. Then we will have a party with some friends and relatives on the following Sunday.

I am grateful to have spent the past couple years watching Cherub grow up. She is such a sweet girl, and makes me laugh and feel so very loved. 

Cherub & I riding "Thomas the Tank Engine"
I adore both my girls, but I think this age (2 turning 3) is probably my favourite. I can't get enough of Cherub and the little things that she does and says.

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  1. Adorable! I'm SO excited for Pebble's first year of school. We got her transition letter this week. Eeek!


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