22 January 2016

CREATE Memories

We have created some lovely memories over these school holidays.

Yesterday I took the girls to see my Aunt and cousin, who love catching up with the girls. After some colouring-in and a lunch of sandwiches and strawberries, the girls enjoyed being cooled off with the hose by their much older cousin.


The day before we enjoyed a comedy magic show at the local library.

We've ridden bikes (well the girls, not us), enjoyed quality time together as a family, been to the pools for a swim, caught the train in to the city to see some Art, went to the movies, caught up with family & friends, and even camped in our tent at my brother's place (which the girls loved!) up the mid north coast.
Popette on her new bike she got for her birthday!

A sneaky pic of Cherub asleep in the tent

Our tent
We've enjoyed 3 of our 4 birthdays together as they are within 6 days of each other. I was very spoilt on my birthday, with a lovely lunch out, then Sydney put on the most spectacular fireworks (well they do it every year, what can I say I'm special...or is it because its NYE?)

The girls and I all ready for the NYE fireworks!
We've enjoyed special outings to restaurants, gone to the park, jumped on a jumping pillow, played in the backyard on the slip n slide, painted, watched DVDs together, played Wii Sports, UNO and board games together.

Having a bounce
All these wonderful memories will now get stored away in our memory banks and hopefully not forgotten (my memory is terrible), so we can recall with love and fondness of the great times we shared together over the holidays.


  1. What wonderful memories created! I love the summer school holidays so much for this reason. Three birthdays in six days is intense - one big celebration! Love fireworks - I'd be rapt if that happened on my day too! Hope your girls have a great start back at school/kinder xx

    1. Thanks Elisa. I hope you have enjoyed the school holidays with the 3 of your girls too. All the best for your girls return to school. xx

  2. How awesome are those jumping pillows? They're the best thing about caravan and camping parks! So lovely to see you and your lovely family had a great time over the holidays, Julie!

  3. Some of the best creating!! Savour this time xx

  4. Create is a great word! Looks like you've had a lovely time together, all the best for 2016 :)


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