01 January 2012

52 weeks of grateful...what are you grateful for?

Happy New Year!! This year I thought rather than have another new years resolution that I probably won't keep...which was going to be "lose weight" (again!), I thought I'd try something a little different.
52 weeks of grateful

I am joining Maxabella Loves over at Village Voices on Kidspot on a '52 weeks of grateful' journey. The journey involves individuals taking a positive journey to reflect and share things you are grateful for each week and write about them. I will be documenting my journey here each week...now that I've said that I have to do it...so there's my new years resolution. I must write a post each week reflecting on what I am most grateful for.

Sometimes we don't realise it, but there are things we take for granted and don't ever realise it.

It could be something as small as having enough money to buy a litre of milk or loaf of bread.

Or maybe its having enough money to pay the rent/mortgage, bills, petrol, putting food on the table, filling the fridge with fresh groceries, or putting clothes on our backs.
Not to mention other areas of our lives...
enjoying good health,
living in a happy home,
having loving family & friends
a warm bed to sleep in,
a roof over our heads,
a job that pays the bills,
a job that you enjoy,
being a parent/partner/daughter/sister/friend etc.

The list is endless when you think about it.

Stay tuned for my first week of the "52 weeks of grateful" project. I hope you will come and join me on this journey, and reflect with me what you are most grateful for :)

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