06 March 2013

Teething woes

Poor little Cherub has been so miserable these past few days. She's had 4 teeth come through all at the same time, on top of a nasty cold...I'm pretty sure teething and colds go hand in hand.

Cherub fast asleep after her visit to the doctors
I was only telling Hubby a week or so ago how lucky we were with Cherub that she hadn't had a terrible time with teething, and then this week happened! Poor little mite.

For the past few days, Cherub's been having terribly high temperatures, the highest got to 39.1 on Monday which scared the living daylights out of Hubby & I, and resulted in a quick trip to the medical centre to see the doctor we had only seen hours earlier. At the time, Cherub was also having diarrhea, so the Dr thought it was a gastro bug...Hubby and I think its all teeth related.

The doctor suggested we keep her on Panadol and Children's Neurofen, so for most part of the day my sweet girl is taking medicine to keep her temperature down.

I really hate teething (I remember writing this post about Popette), it's so horrible seeing them in so much pain, and not being able to do enough to help them. She doesn't want to take her meds, she doesn't want to suck on a teething toy, doesn't want bonjela or teething tablets...everything gets a big crying attack, or gets pushed away.

While I love her to bits, I'm sick of her crying and just want my happy little bubba back.

I really hope the teeth pop through quickly, and she returns to my sweet little Cherub. I hate seeing her like this.

How do you cope with teething?

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  1. I hope her teeth have settled down now. My miss 18 months is teething too - always two teeth at the same time and always with a runny nose! It's so hard seeing them upset like that. Watermelon is a favourite here during teething times xx


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