22 October 2013

Craft: Bottle-top stamps

Popette and I had a little fun today making some stamps using craft foam and some bottle tops. It's very easy to make, and gave the kids something fun to play with once Cherub woke up from her nap.

Our assortment of stamps
With a black marker pen Popette and I drew some shapes onto some craft foam, which we carefully cut out. Then using sticky tape stuck the shapes onto the bottle tops making stamps!

All you need is:
Craft foam
Marker pen
Sticky tape or glue
Cleaned bottle tops (we found juice lids worked the best)
Stamp pad

Suitable age group: 2-5yrs
Estimated time: 10-15 mins (if Mum or Dad helps cut out the shapes)
Messiness factor: medium (remember to buy stamp ink that is easy to wash off little hands)

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