24 January 2014

Words to guide me through the new year

Instead of writing down a list of new year's resolutions I have decided on three words to guide me through the new year.
I don't know about you, but I can get a little sensitive when I hear something negative said about me, so this year I am determined to remain positive, and not let other people's thoughts or comments bother me.


During our Christmas/NY break we had six fun days as a family and made some wonderful memories which I want to savour.

Spending time with loved ones and family is precious, so I want to make sure that I savour these moments, make more time for just Hubby & I and special ocassions like Popette starting kindy.


For me, reclaim stands for so many things.

Firstly there's my health, I need to lose some weight and get my cholesterol to a healthy level. I also need to reclaim my fitness, so I can run around with my girls and not be huffing & puffing.

I want to reclaim some of my old hobbies that I used to enjoy before becoming a Mum, like sewing and my art.

And finally I want to reclaim my home, and say goodbye to the mess and clutter.

Do you have any guiding words or are you keeping to a list of resolutions?

(Maybe I should add 'Strength', to the list, cause I'm going to need it if we continue to be sick throughout the year! Hubby is unwell with the dreaded virus that's been lurking in our household for the past month! Ugh!!)


  1. I love your words Julie! They are so uplifting, and nourishing too. I chose honour as my guiding word, and have been trying to reflect on what honours all the aspects of me often. I hope this is an amazing year for you xx

  2. Thanks Elisa xx I hope you have an amazing year too!!

  3. My word this year is just 'pause'. It's working out wonderfully so far - I'm pausing to consider if I need to eat that chocolate. I'm pausing before I speak. I'm pausing to savour the day. It's grand!

    Who's saying negative things about you, Julie. Point them out and I'll sort them for you!! x


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