06 May 2014

Look up....and smell the roses

I've seen this clip popping up in my news feeds a lot lately, and wanted to share the powerful message its portraying of people becoming so obsessed with social media or what's happening on Facebook etc, that they are missing out on what's happening around them.

Instead of 'being in the moment' we can miss little (or big) things...I know I am guilty of this. And I have written about it before, but it could be something as serious as a friend crying out for help (when you didn't realise they had a problem) or your children wanting you to put down your smartphone and play with them on the floor. Cherub is only 2.5, but knows that if she takes my phone away from me, she has my attention.

How sad is it that we can't just sit and enjoy a conversation with a friend, without having to check our smartphones to see what's happening elsewhere, or reply to a text message the instant a person sent it rather than giving our friend our full attention. This really urks me.

I remember attending a toddler feeding workshop last year, and before it started all the Mums were either on their smartphone or iPad. I made the comment on Facebook (as you do) saying "Can anyone remember what it was like before invention of the smartphone, iPod, and iPad? I'm at a toddler feeding workshop and waiting for it to start, everyone is on their smartphone or iPad!"

Isn't it sad that social media which is meant to give you a connection to people has become so anti-social. You can't even strike up a conversation with a stranger anymore as they are too busy checking their smartphone! I've even noticed Mums at the school pickup are mostly on their smartphones, and not interested in talking to each other.

I usually leave my phone at home, but occasionally take it in case I think someone is trying to call me (Does that seem strange?). Today I was happy to have it as I found out that Popette was the Kindergarten winner of a school art competition, and it allowed me to take a photo of her with her winning entry before it was sent off to be exhibited at the Westmead Children's Hospital.

I know I'm guilty of taking 5 minutes to myself (ok, probably 20 mins) to check my Facebook feed to see what people are up to, while the kids are playing. But the older I get (turning 42 this year) the more I realise life is too short to be wasting so much time on social media.

I guess I'm getting tired of it. Maybe I need to take a break from it for a while. Yeah its great catching up with old friends and family online, viewing pics of what they've been up to and hearing from friends overseas. But sometimes I find it all so fake. Like when people will only talk to you online, but if they see you in public they will ignore you, or be uninterested in talking to you and say "Yeah I saw it on Facebook."

It makes me wonder...Did we care that much the days pre Facebook? I don't think so. 

Did we care if people "liked" a certain thing or if they "liked" something we had done or had seen?

Can anyone remember the days you would talk to your work colleagues about the latest trash you watched on TV. Now its something you post or share on Facebook.

It makes me wonder if its really necessary for people to know all this information about ourselves. Like our personal & intimate thoughts, our beliefs or thoughts on subjects that were once considered taboo - i.e. politics, sex and religion and be aired out for everyone to question or criticise.

I know I'm guilty of being one of those "sharenting" Mums updating my status update on Facebook with information about my kids. I'm slowly coming to the realization that that needs to change.

Its sad to think that my children's generation won't know what it's like to sit and play with a group of friends, or have a deep & meaningful chat face-to-face. That catching up with a friend or playing board games will be replaced with playing virtual games on FB or a Skype chat. 

It also saddens me that "snail mail" and passing notes to each other in class will be a thing of the past. I have a penfriend of 20+ years, and while we don't write as many letters as we used to, we still send the odd "snail mail", just because we like getting post.

I'm thinking I might be due for a little break from Facebook.

What about you, are you a fan of social media? Have you taken a break from it? 


  1. I have been thinking about this from so many angles lately- not just the sharing or the time spent online but the things people feel ok commenting on unsolicited etc. rying to cool off

    1. Yeah I know what you mean Deb. I have found some people become complacent (for a better word) with social media, and when they say something on FB forget that it's in writing for everyone to read,and that it may hurt or offend someone. Its different to having a one-on-one conversation and seeing someone's facial expression (where they could be joking). xx

  2. iPad comments are a pain lol. I was saying I am trying to cool off before writing a post so I can make sure I am fair and think clearly xx


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