08 May 2014

Remembering Dad

Yesterday would have been my Dads 87th birthday. It was the second birthday without him. I know it takes time to get over the loss of a loved one, but losing a parent is something you'll never get used to or get over. 

Mum, Dad & I on my 39th birthday

It hurts not having him here with us. While I am thankful to have the kids keeping me busy, there are those quiet moments when I think of him, wishing he was here. 
I miss talking to him, especially about the girls and telling him what they've been up to. He adored both of them, and it upsets me that he's missing out on seeing them grow up.

Yesterday was a lovely sunny Autumn day, a day my Dad would have enjoyed. Mum, Cherub, and I enjoyed a lovely pub lunch with hubby who had a quick lunch then returned to work. Afterwards Mum & I took Cherub to the park for a swing and run around in the sun.

While it was a day tinged with sadness, it was also a day filled with love and joy. Spending days like this, makes it a little easier to get through.


  1. What a wonderful man! It's true you never stop loving them. My father died twenty years ago and I still think of him most days x

  2. My dad's been gone for 2.5 years now and I still think of him all of the time. Mostly I forget that he's no longer around. My mother and I have become a lot closer since his passing. We were before, but his death (and some other stuff) made me rethink life a bit and I moved closer to her. As I'm single (no kids, partner) she's kinda all there is for me and so dad's loss makes me appreciate her even more.


  3. So sorry for your loss, Julie. Hope you take comfort in remembering all the special memories you have of him. He sounds like he was an amazing man x

    1. Thanks Grace, he was a loving Dad who I miss very much x

  4. Ohh my heart aches reading this. I have not experienced losing a parent yet. It is a pain we would rather not think about. That is a lovely photo of you with your parents it shows how important photos are.


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