05 September 2012

Being creative with pasta

Popette is always wanting to make "something fun". So today I thought we'd make a picture out of pasta as a little craft activity. We love pasta in our household, so it wasn't hard to find some in our pantry.

The picture was so simple to make and didn't take up a lot of time, which is good when you are busy doing the washing, and don't want to pull out the painting supplies! But most of all it gave my big girl the 'craft fix' she needed, so that made us both happy. :)

It was such an easy and fun thing to do, Popette loved sticking down the pasta and using the 'gloopy glue', all you need is an idea of what you want to create and some paper, glue, pasta and pencils.

Do you remember making macaroni craft when you were in pre-school/ kindergarten?


  1. I remember a beautiful necklace my son made me in PreSchool, i actually wore it from preschool to the shops, getting lots of 'nice necklace' comments as i'd completely forgotten, not that i cared. I hung it up & months later in a tidy up, looked at it, it had a family of moths living it (this was Darwin) so it promptly went into the bin, sigh. Love Posie
    PS thanks for the lovely comments on my blog yesterday, it's tough for everyone affiliated with Defence.

    1. Oh dear, well at least you got to enjoy it for a little while :)


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