30 September 2012

Week 38: Happy Outcomes

This week's been a busy week for me in getting "Cherub's" cake made and decorated, and the house clean & tidy for "Cherub's" 1st birthday party yesterday (not so easy with two little munchkins wanting something from me).

Buzzbee cake

While I love planning birthday parties for my girls, I'm also glad when they are over. It's so tiring. My back began aching making Cherub's cake, but I was so pleased with how it turned out. It's just a shame Cherub didn't recognize Buzzbee (I was hoping for a big goofy smile from her), she did enjoyed eating it though.

Cherub enjoying her cake!

Cherub had a lovely time playing with her new toys with her bubba friends on the lounge room floor. Popette loved having her big cousin over, who she played with all day and well into the night, since her cousin, Aunty and Nanny stayed the night.

Me and Cherub

All in all it was an enjoyable party, so for my entry this week I am grateful for happy outcomes.

What are you grateful for today?

I am linking up with Maxabella Loves over at Kidspot Village Voices.


  1. I recognized Buzbee straight away! Gorgeous cake! Hope it was a beautiful day xx

    1. Thanks Elisa, yes it was a lovely day. I'm so pleased you could recognise Buzbee :)

  2. Happy Birthday Cherub! Awesome cake, fondant and I don't get along, so I take my hat off to you doing a fondant cake, lucky girl.


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