09 October 2012

Craft: Manilla Folder Girl

"Popette" and I made this cute paper girl out of an old manilla folder a while back. I thought I'd share it with you, it's so easy and fun to make with little ones.

All you need is:

Manilla folder
Pipe cleaners
Strands of wool
Pieces of coloured paper
Glitter pen

First cut out a girl's (or boy's if you wish) head and body out of the manilla folder.

Then cut out an outfit from any pieces of coloured paper you may have lying around (we have a tub full of different coloured paper). We cut out a dress with long sleeves, which we then glued to the manilla folder.

Your child can then decorate the dress however they wish, we used some buttons, which "Popette" glued to the dress.

I then cut some small strands of wool, which "Popette" then glued on the head to make a mop of hair.

"Popette" then glued on some buttons for the eyes, and for the mouth made a smile using a glitter pen.

We also cut out some paper bows which "Popette" stuck onto the girl's head.

I then twisted some pipe cleaners into little arms & legs, which I stuck onto the manilla folder with sticky tape, along with some string for hanging up the girl in "Popette's" room.

Ta-da, and there you have it, a manilla folder girl.

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