19 October 2012

Going on holidays

Yay, we are going on holidays today!! I can't wait! (Can you tell I'm a wee bit excited). I am packing a mixture of clothes, the camera, and a new bikini top and board shorts I bought. I'm hoping the weather will be warm enough for a dip! Of course I'm including a bundle of craft and kids activities to keep Popette busy for when Cherub is having a nap, or in case of rainy days.

It's been nearly 2 years since we've had a family holiday, so we are looking forward to relaxing at our favourite holiday park located at Port Stephens up the NSW mid coast. It will be nice to get away from Sydney and all the appointments, sickness, and routines we have had lately and to have some well deserved R&R...maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to fit in a well deserved massage too.

This is the first time Cherub has been to the beach, so we are hoping the weather will be warm enough so we can take her for her first splash. Popette is very excited, and can't wait to build some sandcastles and collect shells on the beach.

While I am away please visit my latest 'grateful' post, and look out for a new "Kids craft" menu being published on the blog. Under this page you will find craft posts that have previously been published.

Do you have a favourite holiday spot that you love to go to each year?

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